We all love Android devices for their extra scope for device customization.

Home screen widgets and live wallpapers are the most important customization tools on any device, allowing you to really make it your own.

So this is what we provide – home screen widgets and live wallpapers to assist you in your quest of personalizing your Android device.


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A collection of carefully crafted Android clock widgets suitable for your device, regardless of manufacturer or model.

MiClock widgets are highly configurable – you can scale, color, modify text styles in order to make each widget seamlessly integrate with your phone or tablet.

Skillful coding makes the widgets a lightweight presence on your device by minimizing battery drain.

Flags Live Wallpaper

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A beautiful live wallpaper, presenting a slideshow of the flags of the world blowing in the wind.

Optimized for low power consumption and fully customizable, Flags Live Wallpaper is battery friendly and, at the same time, takes advantage of your device’s hardware to realistically show the flags on your homescreen.


All our software has been tested and deployed on devices from major manufacturers (HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S® series, LG G™ series, Sony Xperia™, Motorola™, Xiaomi™, OnePlus™, Huawei™ and others).